Trattoria Brutto - TXG

Article By TXG   |   17th December 2021

Trattoria Brutto

35-37 Greenhill Rents

We were early onto this particular bandwagon but it’s worth every single bit of the hype.  Russell Norman has created something really quite special with Trattoria Brutto.  On two trips (just checking for consistency!) everything we ate was delicious and simple (penne alla vodka, crostini, anchovies, peposo, tiramisu, fennel sausages with lentils…you get my drift). The wine list is substantial enough to be interesting, without being intimidating and/or having a £80 starting price for an opaque biodynamic natural wine (current pet TXG peeve) and a 5 quid (very good) negroni cannot be argued with.  Booking is 7 days out, he holds tables back for walk ins (get there early) as he does the bar.  Go, it’s fab.  And Russell Norman has been writing some pretty vulnerable and beautiful stuff on Insta, so all the more reason to get yourself to Greenhill Rents  Take someone you really like.