The Power of a Life Audit - Leg Learning Number Three - TXG

Article By TXG   |   21st September 2017

This is the third learning article in this series – if you want to read the initial article go to Leg Learning One – Ask for help and be specific

Leg Learning Number Three – The Power of a Life Audit

I hadn’t heard the expression life audit before but it seems it is what I have ended up doing whilst laid up with my leg in a cast. I quickly discovered that I only had a certain amount of energy early on as my leg started to mend and it became clear I was going to have to be mindful about how I spent that energy for maximum ‘return’. Someone reminded me of the expression that friends are for a season, a reason or for life and I found that I kept coming back to that phrase and it caused some quite interesting soul searching. I found that this expression not only worked for friends but also about my wardrobe, my filing, my ‘clutter’.

It has been a cathartic process to review, appreciate the positive memories of all the things that I have been lucky enough to come across (either animate or inanimate) but that it was time to let some things go. There were moments of sadness, reflection and a lot of prevarication but now, on the other side of my life audit, I honestly feel freer, more open and bizarrely I am seeing new opportunities and also hearing from old friends I haven’t heard from in years who I am genuinely delighted to catch up with. The difference now is

that I am not hanging on to things/people but I am relishing the time and space with those I feel connected to now.

I now just need to make a mental note that this is something worth doing more regularly rather than just waiting until I am laid up!