Summer reading - Part Two - TXG

Article By TXG   |   6th August 2021

Nature and place

Where could we start other than Thoreau’s Walden  to prompt us to get walking and wandering, especially if you started with Maria Popova’s book in Part One? Mary Oliver’s wild poetry lifts and soothes the soul in equal measure – Wild Geese Bloodaxe World Poets. Wendell Berry tells a story of its time which is grounded in the earth of his childhood starting with That Distant Land and continuing with A Place in Time.

Moving away from the US in location if not writer’s nationality Joan Didion’s Salvador lands us firmly in that place with journalistic accuracy. ‘The Gift of Rain‘ explores the connections between relationships and the place in which they take place . And Robert MacFarlane’s ‘Underland‘ walks us right back around to the beginning ).

We hope this encourages and calms you.