Picture, Fitzrovia - TXG

Article By TXG   |   9th March 2018

110 Great Portland St. London, W1W 6PQ


There is something calming about Picture, Fitzrovia.  A long, seemingly-narrow-but-not-really room, with a skylight at the back, well spaced tables and abstract photographs of rust on the walls – it works, trust us.  It says it serves ‘sharing plates’*, but it’s actually more appealing than that.  It’s 4 courses of small plates of food and you can have 1, 2, 3, 4 courses as you like.  All to yourself.  And it’s delicious.  Simple, clean flavours neatly divided into vegetable things, fish things, meat things, sweet things.  And well sourced, thoughtful cheese choices.  It’s the kind of cooking that takes confidence and subtlety not to just feel ordinary – they are firmly the right side of that line.  Service is relaxed, striking the right balance between informality and efficiency.  And it’s the attention to detail that appeals, from the filtered water to the green tea.  You’ll be glad you try it.

*TXG’s view is ‘sharing plates’ is either for two of you at the counter or a huge group of friends where it would be irritating to order individually and you might want something extra for the table….the intimacy of sticking your fork in someone else’s lunch is not for people you don’t know well or working lunches…feel free to call us rule-bound and oppressed, of course!