Naughty Piglets - TXG

Article By TXG   |   3rd April 2015

Naughty Piglets
28 Brixton Water Lane, London SW2 1PE

A relaxed Friday evening at Naughty Piglets with the TXG team. It being in directional Brixton we felt like we were all at least 20 years younger just for heading over there, and the fact that the tables and stools are tiny and close together took nothing away from the delicious food. All reasonably priced, busy and buzzy without being impossible to sit in for more than half an hour, a tomato salad so delicious that even our resident non tomato eater had some, declaring it very good, and great sparkling white chenin (which seems to be a current trend). Order anything with the ‘Korean spices’ – when we went it was pork belly and it was a step above the rest.