Magpie - TXG

Article By TXG   |   6th November 2018


10 Heddon Street
London, W1B 4BX

We ended up here slightly by accident on one of the last truly warm days of this summer, because you can sit outside and the menu looked nice. As it turns out upon further investigation, Tommi Miers is amongst other fans it has. It’s tucked away in the slightly odd Heddon Street food quarter, which we can’t quite get on board with in practice (in concept, it’s a great idea) – the advantage of this is that it’s on a pedestrianised street so the outside tables don’t mean eating your tea whilst Regent Street traffic adds extra sootiness. The space is semi-industrial crossed with diner-style and the menu reassuringly limited (contrast Milos above). On our visit beef tartare, fried chicken with (generally over-rated?) kewpie mayonnaise, and Dorset crab gazpacho were particularly memorable, but it’s all a very pleasing experience. And they have fairy lights twinkling above Heddon Street food quarter, just in case that sort of thing can tip it over the edge for you.