Lorne Restaurant - TXG

Article By TXG   |   8th June 2017

Lorne Restaurant

76 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DE

What a find!  It has joined A Wong to become the second restaurant worth eating at on Wilton Road, a road that splits people into those who like it (other people) and those who find it the wrong side of seedy (me).  It is a marvel – charming, relaxed service, with some personality. As I popped downstairs upon arrival they were making their own vermouth, with everyone getting involved with suggestions, including me when asked to smell the current brew!  And that pretty much sums up the spirit of Lorne – an unfussy and bright dining room, fresh and tasty dishes, interesting but unpretentious wine list.   Pea mousse with brown shrimp and radish was the best starter I have had this year (I know…a mousse…but it was the lightest and creamiest pea bomb of a mousse!), and was followed by some spring lamb with black garlic and a little tomato tart.  Terrific stuff.  We went for lunch, but I imagine it translates well into the evening.