Greenwood Fish Restaurant - TXG

Article By TXG   |   1st March 2020

Greenwood Fish Restaurant

31 Ocean Way, 01 – 04 / 05, Singapore 098375

This was a pleasing find just a little bit further down from Joe and the Juice (in Singapore, I know) – big menu (too big really), but knowledgeable staff, sensible portion sizes that didn’t over-face, and really good quality fish in both its raw form (scallops with roe and truffle – a proper flavour pop), its whole form (Chilean seabass, aka the patagonian tooth fish, cooked perfectly and with the right level of spicing), and the it’s-not-really-fish category (shrimp risotto, crab linguini etc.).  A fair few meat and vegetarian options give enough choice for nearly all but the fussiest eaters.  Wine list more varied than you often find.  Setting perfectly charming on the water.