Demente, Cartagena de Indias - TXG

Article By TXG   |   24th March 2017

Demente, Cartagena de Indias

Getsemaní, Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena, Colombia.

Demente, Cartagena de Indias – so, who knew that along with every other reason to go to Cartagena (the Caribbean, the perfect UNESCO walled old town, the islands, the dancing, the Santa Clara hotel) the food it a major draw?  Look up Cartagena restaurants and every search engine will give you the list (and you should test them all out too – The Cevicheria is second to none).  But, venture outside of those beautiful walls (only just outside, mind) to the Getsemani district and it’s like being in a rather hot Berlin.  It’s cool, and full of students, and locals who want a party, and bars, and dancing (again!), and then head to Demente.  Alongside your mojito you can have a pulled beef short rib ‘bun’…and then you may just decide to have another.  Magic!