The coolest reason I have heard to date for going into coaching! - TXG

Article By TXG   |   3rd September 2018

Many moons ago, I met a communication specialist coach for an assessment and he truly had the coolest reason for going into coaching I have heard and I thought I’d share…

The coach was a former BBC journalist and had the opportunity to interview Audrey Hepburn in her role as UNICFEF Goodwill Ambassador. He was clearly in awe of meeting and interviewing this cultural icon. When their interview was over, she asked if he had a few minutes for her. Of course, he said yes! She asked whether he had any feedback for her on how she could have done a better job in the interview. He was gobsmacked but later discovered that this a common question for her to ask. She felt her role was so important it was imperative that she articulated the message to the best of her ability.

That was the beginning for him. If such a consummate professional was willing to ask for feedback and be open to continued learning to be the best she could be, perhaps he could work with others to do the same.

What was the trigger for you to become a coach or perhaps to seek out coaching?