Brigadiers - TXG

Article By TXG   |   18th October 2019


1 – 5 Bloomberg Arcade
London EC4N 8AR
020 3319 8140

This restaurant is a curate’s egg of an experience. On the one hand the room is gorgeous, the food is delicious (particular favourites from the small plates are the Afghani lamb cannon kebab, the wagyu kati roll, and the chilli pork scratchings with smoked roe), and the restaurant team is charming. But, and it’s quite the but, it is ear-splittingly noisy. The nightclub vibe created by the background soundtrack, coupled with large tables of (mostly) men enjoying themselves and making sure they can be heard above the beat, means you can barely hear yourself. I know it’s supposed to be ‘atmosphere’, and I could live with it in the bar, but a little bit of dinner conversation tends to make the whole evening more enjoyable in our experience!