August 2018 - TXG - Archive

August 2018 - TXG - Archive

What is trust?

Article By TXG   |   26th August 2018

I recently read a definition of trust by Charles Feltman who describes it as choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another person’s actions and distrust as deciding that what is important to me is not safe with the person in this or any situation. I think this … Read more

Does this resonate with you?

Article By TXG   |   16th August 2018

I have found myself sending this poem to quite a few people I am coaching and to coaches I know as it just seems to hit the spot and is a starting point for a great conversation so I thought I’d share it and see whether it does the same … Read more

Adding back some time into your day

Article By TXG   |   8th August 2018

Saku Tuominen and Pekka Pohjakallio of 925 Design who work on creating effective workplaces found that scheduling meetings for 45 minutes rather than the standard hour allows time for reflection and down time for preparation for your next meeting or consideration of the previous meeting. I have found that actually … Read more